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Guidelines for the Kit and Decal Database

1 : What kind of photos can I submit to the Kit and Decal Database?    
You can submit any photo of a kit, decal, built model, or any other item related to airliner modeling or modeling in general. For ex. after-market engines, photo-etched parts, etc. will be allowed as well.
Created: 06-02-2008   [Top]

2 : What are the guidelines for the photos themselves?    
The photos should be taken by you or scanned by you. We do not want to infringe on anyone's copyright. In certain cases, some promotional material may be allowed. The photos have to be of good quality with the right color balance, in focus, and extra white areas removed.

Photo Dimensions:
The images must be between 800px and 1600px in width. Any less and the upload system will not allow it to be uploaded. The file size may not exceed 1024KB (1MB).
Created: 06-01-2008   [Top]

3 : Can I add a watermark to my photos?    
Yes, at time of upload you have the ability to select a watermark and choose the location on the photo.
Created: 06-01-2008   [Top]

4 : How much data do I need for submitting photos?    
The more the better. At a minimum you should have the airline name, manufacturer, aircraft type, and registration number. The stock number and year of release would really be helpful as well. Please try your best to locate that info from your collection or other sources on the web and of course Data is very important and actually will help your photos be found in the search engine. Please don't take it lightly.
Created: 06-01-2008   [Top]

5 : Can I upload photos of my work-in-progress models to the database?    
No, the Kit and Decal database is for completed models only. Please use the Member Galleries to show us what you're working on.
Created: 06-01-2008   [Top]

6 : What do I do if there is more than one aircraft or one airline depicted on a decal?    
A few sheets have been produced where more than one airline or aircraft is depicted. In this case, please choose one aircraft or airline and enter the data pertaining to that. Then, mention the other airline or aircraft in the Remarks section. You can upload the sheet again with info for the other type if you're interested.
Created: 06-01-2008   [Top]

7 : Can I edit or delete my photos after they have been added to the database?    
You can edit or delete your photos while they are in queue only. Once accepted, the photos can no longer be edited or deleted by you. If you have a correction to make, send us a message and we will make the correction/add info as soon as we can.
Created: 06-01-2008   [Top]

8 : Can I add military subjects to the database?    
Absolutely! We now have a filter in place that can filter out the items for Civil Only, Military Only, or both, so feel free to add photos of built models, box tops, decals, or anything else that is relevant.
Created: 06-07-2008   [Top]

9 : How many photos of the same subject can I add to the database?    
Generally, one or two photos of a particular kit or decal is all that will be allowed in the database. If you upload photos of items that are already in the database, they will most likely be rejected. Please do a quick search to see if photos of the subject are already in the DB to save you time and effort.
Created: 06-08-2008   [Top]

10 : How exact do I have to be with the aircraft type?    
As modelers, for us the basic sub-type will suffice. For ex. Boeing 747-400 is enough for us to distinguish the difference between the different Boeing 747 models. Boeing 747-4H6 for ex. is too distinct and not needed for our purposes. Please only use general sub-types when selecting / entering data for the aircraft type.
Created: 06-08-2008   [Top]

11 : I'm uploading an item that doesn't have an airline name, what should I enter?    
If you're uploading an item that does not have an airline name specified or required, ex. a set of resin engines, or a detail sheet, then please enter "N/A" for the airline name. Please do not enter "Generic", "Window Sheet", "None" or anything along those lines. "N/A" is the only entry that should be used in such a case.
Created: 06-09-2008   [Top]

12 : I have a photo of an aircraft that is not in the database already, how should I enter the Data?    
I you have a photo of an aircraft type that is not in the Database already, please choose "Other" from the drop-down list and enter it in the text area that will appear. You will select "other" for all three levels and enter accordingly:
1. Aircraft Manufacturer
2. Aircraft Generic Type
3. Aircraft Specific Type

So, the entry for a Boeing 747-400 should look like this for all three drop-downs:

1. Boeing
2. Boeing 747
3. Boeing 747-400

Please use this format for all aircraft. If the Specific Type and Generic Type are exactly the same, then please use the Generic Type for the Specific Type as well to ensure consistency in the database format and search results.
Created: 06-09-2008   [Top]

13 : Why am I getting file name errors when trying to upload some images?    
Depending on a few factors, you may be getting file size errors or file name errors when trying to upload to the database. Please try the following and hopefully that will remedy the problem.

1) Make sure your file name only contains regular letters and numbers and underscore or hyphen only. Please do not include any special characters or spaces in the file name. This is very important.

2) Since we all tend to build/purchase the same kind of items, you may be tempted to use a generic file name for the photo. ex. revell_767.jpg or minicraft757.jpg, etc. etc. and this may cause a problem with other files already in the database. We cannot have more than one file with the same name. So, to avoid same-name errors, please add your username to the beginning of each file you upload. Ex. username_revell_767.jpg, or username_minicraft757.jpg, etc. etc. This will ensure that no other files exist with the same name in the database already.

3) Please do not use very long file name. We have a max of 250 characters but even that is a little too long and can cause certain problems for the directories, and for us if we ever have to change servers to download the files as backups.
Created: 06-15-2008   [Top]

14 : Can I add my own copyright or watermark to the photo?    
No, please do not add any copyright or watermarks of your own to the photo. The system will add your copyright to the photo and you have an option of adding a watermark at time of upload. Also, please do not add anything extra, such as a frame to the photo.
Created: 03-09-2010   [Top]

15 : Where do we submit photos of models under construction?    
In-progress photos go to the Member Galleries section. You can access it from the 'My files' section. Please read through the FAQ section and Forums FAQ section on how to upload photos to the Members Gallery.
Updated: 12-10-2012 Asked By: revell   [Top]

16 : Non-airliner models ok?    
No, sorry. Photos have to be of models, kits or decals related to aviation. We do however accept military subjects. No cars. :)
Updated: 12-10-2012 Asked By: baby9   [Top]

17 : Can I have several models in each photo?    
No, sorry. Each photo should be of one model only as the data needs to be accurate for that particular model or subject. There is no way to add the info/details for more than one aircraft.
Created: 12-10-2012   [Top]