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Book on the two Airbus widebodies, Norris & Wagner MBI publishing
Author: Andy White
Submitted by: Andy White   Date: 08-26-2004
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Published 2001. 128 pages, 87 colour photos and 43 black and white photos.
Airbus A330 & A340 Norris & Wagner MBI publishing

The book is softback and is a very detailed account of the development of both of these aircraft. The first chapter goes into the birth and development of Airbus, the following chapters explain in detail the development of the design and the subsequent building of the aircraft, including factory photos. There are intersting facts, like the early cancellation of 24 A340s from Northwest and the subsequent persuasion for them to buy A330s. As for the A330, it was the A330-200 that revived the A330s fortunes, as the initial series 300 sales had been poor. The results can be seen today with the increasing number of operators using and interested in the A330. The last chapter is on the A340-600 with only prototype photos. Throughout the book there seems to be a large number of photos in Airbus prototype colours. More colour photos of aircraft with operators would have been better. However there are some very useful close up photos for the modeller, like the front view of a Cathay Pacific A330 showing how the Rolls-Royce Trent engines toe inwards towards the fuselage. The Appendices give a detailed production list. For the modeller, I would recommend the book if it can be bought at cheaper price. As a book on the development of these two aircraft, it is very detailed and I would recommend it.

Andy White

by Andy White

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