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Ted Johnston converts the Revell A340-300 to a -200 series
Author: Ted Johnston
Submitted by: Ted Johnston   Date: 07-14-2004
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Lufthansa Star Alliance A340-200
Built by Ted Johnston
Decals by Jeff Dick

I started with the Air Canada A340-300 kit from Revell Germany and shortened the fuselage to make it a 200 series aircraft. It would have been easier to build the Air Canada version of the Star Alliance Livery as it wouldn't have required shortening the fuselage but the Lufthansa verion is better looking. According to instructions from DACO that I used for the conversion the A340-200 has the same rudder as the 300 series but the A330-200 uses a larger rudder. I used an Atlas Model Railroad Tracksaw to make the vertical cuts and an exacto knife to score and snap the horizontal cuts. I decided that it would be easier to glue the sections of the fuselage together and then assemble them as opposed to assembling one side at a time. Assembly was straight forward, I prefer to paint the model first and glue the wings on last. Painting and decal references were from images on The build went well and I am very Happy with the end result. A big Thanks to Jeff Dick who created the decals.

a340-5.JPG a340-6.JPGa340-7.JPG

Ted Johnston

by Ted Johnston

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