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A review of the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar
Author: Ahmed Orgunwall
Submitted by: aro757   Date: 02-08-2004
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LockheedL-1011 Tristar
Airliner Tech Series Volume 8
By Jim Upton
Midland Publishing, 2003
ISBN 1-58007-037-X
Softbound, 104 Pages
Available from Specialty Press for $ 16.95

Volume 8 in the Airliner Tech Series is all about the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar. Built to the same specifications put forth by American Airlines to both Douglas and Lockheed, there is no coincidence that the L-1011 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10 look so much alike. Douglas eventually won the American Airlines order, but the Tristar went on to achieve great success as well, with initial orders from Delta, TWA, Eastern, ANA-All Nippon, Saudia, Air Canada, and British Airways to name a few. Initial problems with the Rolls Royce RB-211 engines were overcome quickly and the Tristar continued to win new orders and proved itself as an economical and reliable workhorse on domestic as well as international Trans-Atlantic flights with several dozen airlines around the World.

The book starts with a short history of Lockheed's past airliner projects and what led to the development of the Tristar. Chapter 1 begins with "Birth of the Tristar", covering the design, development and manufacture of the aircraft. The development and production of this type is well covered, including engine development and the several different proposals in size and number of engines before the final design was chosen. Some great illustrations and photos are included in this section. Many of which I have never seen before, including a shortened 4-engine type.

Other chapters continue on with the different features and advancements in great detail. Including the Engines, Hydraulic System, APU, Flight Controls, Fuel System, Landing Gear, Avionics, and it's unique Autoland system. All section accompanied by great photos and illustrations.

The Flight Test program is covered in great detail as well, with several interesting photos to go with it. Not to be missed is a photo of the thrust reversers deployed in-flight with an F-84 chase plane visible in the background. A full-color section covering many of the airlines and their special requirements and cabin fittings is included as well. Followed by the development of the Aerial Hot Rod, L-1011-500, the various conversions to freighters, the in-flight refueling tankers for the Royal Air Force and finally the Orbital Rocket Launcher. All in all, a great book and resource for any Tristar fan. would like to thank Specialty Press for the complimentary review sample. Be sure to visit [url=]their website[/url] for the entire Airliner Tech Series, including this title.

by Ahmed Orgunwall

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 comment by: dseeley posted on 05-29-2014, comment #19048

This edition is a 're-pop' by Specialty Press of the original Midland Publishing version. It is significantly poorer in quality than the original. There is a disclaimer in the description: "All photos in black and white" - not only are they b&w, but they are also very poor copies- grainy and lacking in detail from the originals. Also, the pages are cheap paper, and not the heavier stock of the original issue. I once had the original paperback edition, but lost it in a move, and when I received this edition as a replacement, I just threw it out - big disappointment. Sorry for this poor review, but be forewarned. Out, Doug Seeley