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IPMS UK 2003 at Telford
Author: Arthur Grimshaw
Submitted by: logojet   Date: 01-17-2004
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he annual IPMS show at Telford this year was a little light on news (big manufacturers saving something up for the New Year?). There were however a number of new items on show or on sale from the smaller suppliers to our hobby. I have tried to collate these at the end of this report.

The UK Airliner SIG put a huge amount of effort into their display, centered on a depiction of London Airport over the period 1946 to 1976. Buildings were constructed by Hilton Jones and Steve Hopwood, who clearly have a vocation in architectural modelling. The display drew a great deal of favourable comment from passers-by, one of whom pointed out the office he used to work in. All of this provided a very suitable and scenic background to the aircraft models, which were to a very high standard. It did seem a bit strange not seeing lots of737s and 747s but these were of course generally outside of the time period being shown. The SIG occupied its traditional expanse of the hall, incorporating the Cardiff and Medway Branches, BraZ Models and F-DCAL/F-RSIN and a good time was had by all.

In the National Championships the Gold Award in the Airliner category was won by SIG member Graham Davies with his TAP Airbus 320. Silver Award went to someone with a Germania 737-700 model and Bronze to an Airtours Airbus 320. I was surprised that Andy White's US Air 146 in stored condition had apparently not won anything, as it was a particularly well-finished model. While not airliner related, my eyes were drawn to a few of the other models on the competition tables and I would particularly like to mention a superb scratch built 1/48 CH-54 Tarhe helicopter which won a Gold Award in its class.
The annual Airliner SIG dinner and Slide Show on the Saturday evening was once again a hugely enjoyable affair, proving so popular this year that extra tables and chairs had to be found to accommodate all of us.

One of the advantages of a show such as Telford is the opportunity it gives to talk with people in the industry and exchange views. I was able this year to speak to David Huff of Minicraft, Trevor Snowden of Airfix, Densil Wade of Welsh Models, Neil Gaunt of Aircraft in Miniature, Danny Coremans of DACO, David Hannant and numerous others. One thing in particular sticks in my mind and that is the reception on the Airfix stand. This year I never heard the traditional "airliners don't sell". Instead the marketing guys said "what would you like to see?" Perhaps this may relate to them having a new owner and (fingers and toes crossed) a change of direction. We'll just have to wait and see. One definite thing Trevor Snowden told me is that the decal sheets in their kits will be much improved because they have changed suppliers. Danny Coremans' stand had the test shots for the new 737 kits and an assembled model decorated with the Simpsons decals. It certainly looks right to me and thedetailing is very delicate. I only hope it doesn't cost too much because I will probably be buying a lot of them. Danny was also showing an example of the decal sheet from the much anticipated re-issue of Revell's 767. A typical DACO sheet, need I say more? Just see the photo.

Well that's about all for Telford 2003. Extremely enjoyable, thoroughlyexhausting and (for some) very expensive.

Now, here is the list of new items seen at the show :

* Fuselage plugs to convert Airfix VC-10 to Super VC-10
* Wing Leading Edge Extensions for Super VC-10

* Nord 262 kit - Available in Allegheny, TAT and Air Inter versions
* Concorde Prototype kit
* Bloch 220 kit ? Air France decals

* Japan Airlines 747 - new colours
* Martinair Holland / Martins Air Charter DC-7C
* Ethiopian Airlines 707
* Qantas 707 ? "V-Jet scheme"
* National Airlines 727-100 - delivery colours
* Seaboard and Western L1049H
* Sabena Caravelle 6N - last scheme worn
* French Air Force Caravelle 3 and 11R - two options
* Thai International Caravelle 3
* Hispania Caravelle 10R
* El Al 707 - delivery colours
* Sabena 727-100 - delivery colours
* Ghana Airways VC-10

Welsh Models Items already announced were on sale at Hannants and Aeroclub stands ie.
* Swissair DC-8-62
* SAS Convair 440
Didn't see the Varig MD-11 Anywhere.

Airfix Nothing for us (yet?)

* DC-4 and 727 test shots on display. 727 indicated as United, American and Pan Am. DC-4 likely to be released first.
No sign of the DC-8s.

Revell Nothing for us. No information forthcoming.

Freight Dog (Whisky Jack distributor) New decal sheets on sale for:
* Canadian Pacific Britannia (empress and flying goose schemes)
* CP Air DC-8-43

Aircraft in Miniature (1/72 resin and vac)
* New ATP model on sale with either BA or Manx Airlines decals
* New Wright Flyer model (etched brass) on show

Brasil Decals New decal sheet for
* Jet2 737-300
* EasyJet 737-700s

by Arthur Grimshaw

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