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Detailed photos of the Hawker Siddeley HS 748
Author: John Barlow
Submitted by: proplineruk   Date: 09-27-2020
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Hawker Siddeley HS 748 Walkarounds

by John Barlow
hs748-31.jpg hs748-02.jpg hs748-03.jpg hs748-04.jpg hs748-05.jpg

hs748-08.jpg hs748-12.jpg hs748-10.jpg hs748-14.jpg hs748-15.jpg

hs748-11.jpg hs748-09.jpg hs748-13.jpg hs748-16.jpg hs748-07.jpg

hs748-06.jpg hs748-17.jpg hs748-18.jpg hs748-19.jpg hs748-20.jpg

hs748-21.jpg hs748-22.jpg hs748-23.jpg hs748-24.jpg hs748-25.jpg

hs748-26.jpg hs748-27.jpg hs748-28.jpg hs748-29.jpg hs748-30.jpg

hs748-01.jpg hs748-32.jpg hs748-33.jpg hs748-34.jpg hs748-35.jpg

by John Barlow

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 comment by: dpohunter posted on 11-04-2020, comment #33576

Thank you, John, for these photos. They'll come in very handy as I build my Mark1 1-144 scale kit. Best regards