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Upgrade your MD-11 engines to the PIP style.
Author: Merlin Woodman
Submitted by: LH707   Date: 09-25-2015
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If you're looking to build a later-model MD-11 with the GE engines, you may know from the MD-11 guide that there were the pointy and blunt cones. Unfortunately, many kits, like the Hasegawa MD-11 in 1:200, come with the older cones, and most current GE MD-11s have the pointier cones. To change this, you take the blunt cones, chop off the very and, and graft on a piece of sprue that you've carved down to about the right shape. Next you sand it a bit, slap a bit of putty in any gaps, paint it, and complete your installation on the kit.

by Merlin Woodman

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