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Walkarounds of the Northern Air Cargo DC-6 (with several mods for Alaska operations)
Author: Jodie Peeler
Submitted by: NX28388   Date: 10-26-2014
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Douglas DC-6 Walkarounds

by Jodie Peeler
NAC_DC-6-01.jpg NAC_DC-6-02.jpg NAC_DC-6-03.jpg NAC_DC-6-04.jpg NAC_DC-6-05.jpg NAC_DC-6-06.jpg
NAC_DC-6-07.jpg NAC_DC-6-08.jpg NAC_DC-6-09.jpg NAC_DC-6-10.jpg NAC_DC-6-11.jpg NAC_DC-6-12.jpg
NAC_DC-6-13.jpg NAC_DC-6-14.jpg NAC_DC-6-15.jpg NAC_DC-6-16.jpg NAC_DC-6-17.jpg NAC_DC-6-18.jpg
NAC_DC-6-19.jpg NAC_DC-6-20.jpg NAC_DC-6-21.jpg NAC_DC-6-22.jpg NAC_DC-6-23.jpg NAC_DC-6-24.jpg
NAC_DC-6-25.jpg NAC_DC-6-26.jpg NAC_DC-6-27.jpg NAC_DC-6-28.jpg NAC_DC-6-29.jpg NAC_DC-6-30.jpg
NAC_DC-6-31.jpg NAC_DC-6-32.jpg NAC_DC-6-33.jpg NAC_DC-6-34.jpg NAC_DC-6-35.jpg NAC_DC-6-36.jpg
NAC_DC-6-37.jpg NAC_DC-6-38.jpg NAC_DC-6-39.jpg NAC_DC-6-40.jpg NAC_DC-6-41.jpg NAC_DC-6-42.jpg
NAC_DC-6-43.jpg NAC_DC-6-44.jpg NAC_DC-6-45.jpg NAC_DC-6-46.jpg NAC_DC-6-47.jpg NAC_DC-6-48.jpg

by Jodie Peeler

Member Comments :

 comment by: Metropolitan2 posted on 10-28-2014, comment #19588

Thanks for a splendid walk-around photo-session. Very timely as I am to embark on a Heller DC-6B!
All the best,
Harry B.