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A very nice picture book. Covers all the wide bodies
Author: Edward Crowely
Submitted by: PanAm64   Date: 11-27-2013
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Giant Airliners

Lance Cole did a great job covering all the giant airliners that fly the World's skies. From Airbus to McDonnell Douglas and everything in between. Great photos with captions. This book shows just how big these flying machines are. Included are the 747, DC-10, L1011, IL-96, big Boeing Twins, A330 and A340, TriJet heavies. This book has it.

If you want the feeling of being up close and personal with giant airliners then this is the book for you. And of course done published by MBI. A great collection for anyone interested in wide body aviation.

by Edward Crowely

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 comment by: L-1011 guy posted on 12-30-2013, comment #18417

Nice review, Ed. I'm glad you're enjoying the book so much.