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Detailed photos of the Boeing 747-8 Freighter
Author: via Graeme Harris
Submitted by: Graeme   Date: 01-01-2012
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Boeing 747-8F Walkarounds

by Graeme Harris
747-8F-01.jpg 747-8F-02.jpg 747-8F-03.jpg 747-8F-04.jpg 747-8F-05.jpg

747-8F-06.jpg 747-8F-07.jpg 747-8F-08.jpg 747-8F-09.jpg 747-8F-10.jpg

747-8F-11.jpg 747-8F-12.jpg 747-8F-13.jpg 747-8F-14.jpg 747-8F-15.jpg

747-8F-16.jpg 747-8F-17.jpg 747-8F-18.jpg 747-8F-19.jpg 747-8F-20.jpg

747-8F-21.jpg 747-8F-22.jpg 747-8F-23.jpg 747-8F-24.jpg 747-8F-25.jpg

747-8F-26.jpg 747-8F-27.jpg 747-8F-28.jpg 747-8F-29.jpg 747-8F-30.jpg

747-8F-31.jpg 747-8F-32.jpg 747-8F-33.jpg 747-8F-34.jpg 747-8F-35.jpg

747-8F-36.jpg 747-8F-37.jpg 747-8F-38.jpg 747-8F-39.jpg

by via Graeme Harris

Member Comments :

 comment by: 747-400 posted on 01-02-2012, comment #14233

Nice! Thanks for the pictures! When I first saw the thumbnail of the gallery I thought it was a model.

 comment by: Kikiferret posted on 01-02-2012, comment #14237

[quote] When I first saw the thumbnail of the gallery I thought it was a model.[/quote]

LOL, I thought the same! Thanks for sharing the pics. Wonderful machine! IŽll be waiting anxious the Zvezda kit!

 comment by: 47 driver posted on 01-02-2012, comment #14243

Nice pics and what a beauty she is .


 comment by: selier posted on 01-21-2012, comment #14360

Very nice indeed certainly now whe know he is coming in march. So already copies made.