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Side-view drawings of the Boeing 727-200.
Author: Andy Jung
Submitted by: Seven-Two Fan   Date: 10-09-2010
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Boeing 727-200 Profiles

by Andy Jung

Delta 727 Widget Colors

Delta Air Lines Boeing 727-232 Advanced (N418DA) in the Widget livery.

Delta 727 1997 Colors

Delta Air Lines Boeing 727-232 Advanced (N532DA) in the 1997 livery.

Republic 727 Final Colors

Republic Airlines Boeing 727-277 Advanced (N276WC) in the 1984 "Mary Tyler Moore" livery.

Republic 727 Herman Colors

Republic Airlines Boeing 727-2S7 Advanced (N718RC) in the 1979 livery.

Northwest 727 Bowling Shoe Livery

Northwest Airlines Boeing 727-251 Advanced (N286US) in the 1989 "bowling shoe" livery.

Eastern 727 Wide Hockey Stick Bare Metal Livery

Eastern Air Lines Boeing 727-225 Advanced (N805EA) in the wide "hockey stick" livery.

United 727 Battleship Livery

United Airlines Boeing 727-222 Advanced (N7256U) in the 1990s "battleship" livery.

You can see more of Andy's work at Precision Airliner Art

by Andy Jung

Member Comments :

 comment by: Nasir posted on 10-10-2010, comment #11336

Amazing accuracy. Bravo!!

 comment by: aro757 posted on 10-10-2010, comment #11337

I agree. You've caught the shape very well Andy. Great job!


 comment by: Seven-Two Fan posted on 10-11-2010, comment #11338

Thanks, guys! I appreciate the compliments! These profiles have been a lot of fun to do, so I'm hoping to continue adding to the site whenever I have another batch completed. I have a couple of CRJ-100/200s done so far, so hopefully I can finish up some more and send those to Ahmed for upload before too long so the site has a new type in the collection!

 comment by: Sergio Goncalves posted on 10-13-2010, comment #11339

Hi Andy,

Nice work. Please, keep posting this great work!!!

Regards from Brazil,


 comment by: revell posted on 10-13-2010, comment #11341

This is really top quality work and I know I speak for all airliner modellers, we appreciate the great amount of time you have spent to make these drawings, and more importantly, make them accurate! Thanks for posting them!