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Profiles of the Boeing 787-9
Author: Jennings Heilig
Submitted by: Jennings   Date: 01-24-2010
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Boeing Boeing 787-9 Profiles

by Jennings Heilig

Etihad Boeing 787-9 Profile

Lufthansa Boeing 787-9 Profile 

Pan Am Boeing 787-9 Profile

Qantas Boeing 787-9 Profile

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Profile

Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-9 Profile

American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Profile

Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 Profile

British Airways Boeing 787-9 Profile

Air Force One Boeing 787-9 Profile

by Jennings Heilig

Member Comments :

 comment by: airkiwi13 posted on 02-20-2010, comment #9723

Very nice.

I am assuming you got the Air New Zealand profile from the Boeing website as they use that one extensively (as it is the lead aircraft for the -9s).

Word in NZ is the real aircraft will be quite different in terms of livery finish. Air NZ stated some time ago that a new "fresh" livery will be produced, and a new interior, and new uniforms for the staff, starting with the 787. Such have been the delays that these new "fresh" stuff are being rolled out for the 777-300ERs due October 2010-. The uniforms were announced first, followed recently by the interiors (incl "revolutionary" lie down seats in economy class) but the exterior is still under wraps.

Early words suggested losing the Pacific Wave, new (font?) titling, simplified tail and Koru. The Pacific Wave started dissappearing off the 733s, 747s and A320s about a year ago but the feedback has been negative. One recent 733 ex C check retained it but lost the dark blue graduating to teal tail in favour of a dark blue only tail. Maybe that could be a pointer. I would suggest that any decal makers should hold fire until we see what scheme the 777-300ERs arrive in, I doubt the 787-9s will be different.

The registration ZK-DRM is fictional and reflects that Air NZ had not at that time reserved registration sequences for these aircraft. It is also currently allocated to a Cessna 172M that is still alive and well.