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Walkarounds of the Boeing C-17A.
Author: Ahmed R. Orgunwall
Submitted by: aro757   Date: 10-17-2009
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Boeing C-17A Walkarounds

by Ahmed R. Orgunwall
c-17-01.jpg c-17-02.jpg c-17-03.jpg c-17-04.jpg c-17-05.jpg

c-17-06.jpg c-17-07.jpg c-17-08.jpg c-17-09.jpg c-17-10.jpg

c-17-11.jpg c-17-12.jpg c-17-13.jpg c-17-14.jpg c-17-15.jpg

c-17-16.jpg c-17-17.jpg c-17-18.jpg c-17-19.jpg c-17-20.jpg

c-17-21.jpg c-17-22.jpg c-17-23.jpg c-17-24.jpg c-17-25.jpg

c-17-26.jpg c-17-27.jpg c-17-28.jpg c-17-29.jpg c-17-30.jpg

c-17-31.jpg c-17-32.jpg c-17-33.jpg c-17-34.jpg c-17-35.jpg

c-17-36.jpg c-17-37.jpg c-17-38.jpg c-17-39.jpg c-17-40.jpg

c-17-41.jpg c-17-42.jpg c-17-43.jpg c-17-44.jpg c-17-45.jpg


by Ahmed R. Orgunwall

Member Comments :

 comment by: Kikiferret posted on 10-20-2009, comment #8770

Great walkaround! perfect for Revell kit. But it missed the rear part of this aircraft!

Thanks for share!

 comment by: aro757 posted on 10-21-2009, comment #8786

Yes, I agree. I realized that as I was just heading home, but it was too late to go back. Sorry about that.


 comment by: quebecair-flyer posted on 11-25-2009, comment #9237

Tanks for the picture i am working on this model in 1-72 from 'Anigrand' model.. lots of work but nice model and verry big and heavy.. all resin....
tanks again
Mario ;)