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A book all about aircraft interiors.
Author: Gerry Cole
Submitted by: usairman737   Date: 09-28-2003
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author: John Stroud

Another great reference for airliner modelers, especially those in the larger scales. The subject book, by John Stroud, shows airliner interior photos for an amazing array of airliners from the early teens through 2006 (Airbus 380).

There is one photo of the exterior, plus at leaast one of the passenger cabin.

Note, no cockpit photos are included. There are 168 pages of mostly photos in b/w, plus color covers front and back. Just about every airliner is covered, including both Lockheed 10 and 14 (I needed the 14 photos), as well as gems like the Convair 580, Avro 19, Short Solent, DH 91 and SM 83.

Best of all, the paper quality makes for good, clear reproduction superior to most magazine sources.I mail-ordered my copy from World transport Press in Miami, USA at 39.95 plus postage.

Gerry Cole


by Gerry Cole

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