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Highly detailed profiles of the Boeing 737 Classic.
Author: Jennings Heilig
Submitted by: Jennings   Date: 06-15-2008
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Boeing 737 Classic Profiles

by Jennings Heilig

Boeing 737 Prototype
  Boeing 737 Prototype N73700

Air California 737 Delivery Scheme
  Air California Boeing 737-200 N461GB

Ryanair 737 Jaguar Scheme
  Ryanair Boeing 737-200Adv Jaguar Special Scheme EI-CJE

Air Zimbabwe Boeing 737-200
  Air Zimbabwe Boeing 737-200Adv Z-WPB

Frontier Boeing 737-200
  Frontier Airlines Boeing 737-200Adv N1PC

Iran Air Boeing 737-200
  Iran Air Boeing 737-200Adv EP-IRH

Privat Air Boeing 737-200
  PrivatAir Boeing 737-200Adv HB-IEH

Indonesia Air Force Boeing 737-200Adv
  Indonesia Air Force Boeing 737-200Adv Surveiller AI-7303

by Jennings Heilig

Member Comments :

 comment by: XRadar posted on 06-18-2008, comment #5861

It is always fun to see someone else do work, that used to get me in trouble when I was in school! Yes, I did profiles like this in 5th grade when I should have been doing....damn, I don't konw what it was!