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A review of the Tu-114 book by Yefim Gordon and Vladimir G. Rigmant
Author: Ahmed R. Orgunwall
Submitted by: aro757   Date: 04-09-2007
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Red Star Vol. 31

  • The development, operation record, and history of the Tupolev Tu-114 airliner are examined in this essential work of reference.
  • The book includes a remarkable collection of archive photographs and detailed line drawings.
  • The Red Star series has grown to become one of the most detailed and well-respected reference sources on Soviet civil and military aircraft.

In the early 1950s, OKB Tupolev, the Tupolev design bureau, was instructed by the Soviet government to design a civil airliner with an intercontinental range. Based upon the earlier four-engined Tu-95 strategic bomber, the resulting aircraft was the largest airliner constructed at that time, providing accommodation for up to 220 passengers.

The Tu-114 confounded experts by being able to fly at speeds similar to those achieved by jet aircraft, while still using turboprop technology. The Tu-114 set a number of records, including the speed record for a turbo-prop aircraft that still stands 50 years later.

A total of 31 Tu-114's entered service with Aeroflot, operating over long distance internal services and international services to cities from Tokyo to Havana. Gradually replaced from 1971, the last Tu-114 service was withdrawn in 1975. However, a number of the Tu-114's were subsequently converted into AWACS aircraft as the Tu-126 'Moss' for operation in the Soviet navy.

About the Author

Yefim Gordon is one of Russia's leading aviation writers and publishers. He is the author of many books on Soviet aviation.

Vladimir G. Rigmant has been working in the Soviet/Russian aircraft industry since 1963 and has authored more than 10 books and more than 200 magazine features.

Author: Yefin Gordon & Vladmir Rigmant
ISBN 10: 1-85780-246-2
ISBNv13: 978-1-85780-246-7
Binding: Softbound
Dimensions: "8-1/2 x 11"
Pages: 128
Illustrations: 150 color & b/w photos
Price: .95
Item #: MC246 would like to thank Specialty Press for the complimentary review sample. Be sure to visit their website for this book and many other airliner books. In the US feel free to call them at 1-800-895-4585 and order one today with a flat-fee shipping rate of $ 4.95 regardless of the number of books you order.

by Ahmed R. Orgunwall

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 comment by: rwallach1 posted on 04-16-2007, comment #3510


I have the book, and if anyone wants to build a model of this beautiful airliner, it's an indispensible aide. The photos are stunning and you get to see the airplane from just about every angle - except from behind with the flaps extended (sorry Brad).

However, my big complaint about the book is that it [i]does not discuss those remarkable counter-rotating props and the engine gearing that makes this unusual arrangement possible[/i]. If [i]anything[/i] is fascinating about this plane aside from its remarkable appearance and stance, it's the near-jet speed of the TU-114 and the unique powerplants that make it possible. Not to have explored this aspect of the airplane seems to me an egregious oversight.