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An outstanding set of Electra profiles from Simon Glancey
Author: Simon Glancey
Submitted by: bks-ambassador   Date: 03-05-2007
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The Lockheed L-188 Electra in Profile

by Simon Glancey
AN172PS, PSA Pacific Southwest Airlines, 1962

N5532, Eastern Air Lines, 1963

N5535, Eastern Air Lines, 1973 (hockey-stick livery)

N7139C, Western, 1959

N9701C, Braniff International, 1973 (green livery)

N9704C, Braniff International, 1967 (blue livery)

N9706C, Braniff International, 1970 (orange livery)

N9707C, Braniff International Airways, 1962

N9709C, Braniff International, 1968 (red livery)

N9710C, Braniff International, 1967 (ochre livery)

PH-LLD Jupiter, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, 1966

VH-ECD Pacific Enterprise, QANTAS, 1961

VH-TLC Charles Sturt, TAA Trans Australia Airlines, 1960

VR-HFN, Cathay Pacific, 1965

VH-RMA, Ansett-ANA, 1966

You can order prints of these and Simon's other fine work at his website

by Simon Glancey

Member Comments :

 comment by: aro757 posted on 03-05-2007, comment #3258

Simon, as usual, you did a great job here. I specially like the Braniff jellybeans. Keep up the good work.


 comment by: Slow modeler posted on 03-05-2007, comment #3260

Truly fantastic work from you again Simon.


 comment by: convaircrazy posted on 03-05-2007, comment #3261

Great job on these! Any Northwest coming?

 comment by: Andrew posted on 03-08-2007, comment #3263

Very Nice! The Cathay and Braniff are wonderful.

 comment by: global707 posted on 03-11-2007, comment #3287

Good Job!!! Now we need National and American. And the Original Golden Falcon Electra
Eastern colors.

 comment by: craviola990 posted on 03-11-2007, comment #3289


 comment by: Rob posted on 03-13-2007, comment #3295

Great work on a great plane. Another nice color scheme was the TEAL Electra's (Air New Zealand these days)

 comment by: bks-ambassador posted on 03-14-2007, comment #3296

Thanks for all the very complimentary words. Looks like I need to do some more then...!


 comment by: Braniff2 posted on 04-03-2007, comment #3422

Fantastic!!! of the few artist to capture, exactly, the quirky shape of the Electra!!...Boy did the Braniff and Eastern Hockey Stick Electras bring back wonderful memories of my youth. Flew them (Braniff) MANY times.

Those were the days...