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Modifying the Boeing 707 into a Boeing 720B.
Author: Al Watson
Submitted by: 47 driver   Date: 08-04-2006
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Boeing 720 Build

Since it has been a while since I did any type of essay I will explain this build as easy as I can. First of all the original pics that you see of the cut up portions of the a/c ended in disaster when the paint was applied as the seams fell apart. I instead chose to use the newer Revell 707 kit if one can call that new. The cut points are available in AMD under modifications I believe is where they are found. It is best to use the Revell 707 kit with no pax window indentations as the seams will hold much better since the body of the a/c is much more stronger. The picture of the port wing will give an idea as to where one must extend the wing forward.The engines were easy to work with and only slight modification was needed to produce the engine elevation. The rest of the a/c is a simple build and through trial and error, I must say the final result was very good.

720-1.jpg 720-5.jpg
720-11.jpg 720-12.jpg 720-14.jpg
720-13.jpg 720-18.jpg 720-15.jpg
720-16.jpg 720-17.jpg 720-9.jpg
720-19.jpg 720-7.jpg 720-20.jpg
720-6.jpg 720-4.jpg 720-23.jpg
720-21.jpg 720-8.jpg 720-3.jpg
720-24.jpg 720-25.jpg 720-22.jpg
720-26.jpg 720-27.jpg 720-28.jpg
720-29.jpg 720-30.jpg 720-31.jpg
720-32.jpg 720-33.jpg 720-34.jpg

by Al Watson

Member Comments :

 comment by: Brad posted on 10-02-2006, comment #2648

Hmmmmmmmm...So that's how it's done.

Love that B720 build

Best Regards,
Mr. Shinn

 comment by: XRadar posted on 10-02-2006, comment #2662

Nice article and build, Al.

Hey Brad, did you notice how NOT to build a glider?!

 comment by: Brad posted on 10-02-2006, comment #2663

LOL......Yea..Yea..But, I never wrote anything about how not to build a glider!

 comment by: 47 driver posted on 10-13-2006, comment #2718

nice plane wrong name its 47 drivers 720

 comment by: b2707sst posted on 10-09-2009, comment #8684


Beautiful job. The leading edge glove looks great. Perhaps a Jellybean 707-138B next?