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Douglas DC-8 Walkarounds of a French Air Force jet.
Author: Simon Glancey
Submitted by: bks-ambassador   Date: 02-25-2007
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Douglas DC-8-53
by Simon Glancey

DC8-01.JPG DC8-02.JPG DC8-03.JPG DC8-04.JPG DC8-05.JPG
DC8-06.JPG DC8-07.JPG DC8-08.JPG DC8-09.JPG DC8-10.JPG
DC8-11.JPG DC8-12.JPG DC8-13.JPG DC8-14.JPG DC8-15.JPG
DC8-16.JPG DC8-17.JPG DC8-18.JPG DC8-19.JPG DC8-20.JPG
DC8-21.JPG DC8-22.JPG DC8-23.JPG DC8-24.JPG DC8-25.JPG
DC8-26.JPG DC8-27.JPG DC8-28.JPG DC8-29.JPG DC8-30.JPG

by Simon Glancey

Member Comments :

 comment by: XRadar posted on 02-26-2007, comment #3225

I love it when we get walk arounds added to our website. Great reference material! This one is of something I did not even know about. Great job Simon!

 comment by: 7274ever posted on 02-15-2015, comment #20298

Thank you very much for posting this! DC-8 walkarounds are rare these days!