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Profiles of the Boeing 707
Author: Nasir Khawaja
Submitted by: Nasir   Date: 06-20-2006
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Boeing 707 Profiles

by Nasir Khawaja

by Nasir Khawaja

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 comment by: global707 posted on 02-15-2007, comment #3191

They all look good overall, however, most 707-320 series aircraft had the tail dorsal fins. Also not all
AA 707-323s had the VHF antenna on the tail. Might want to verify the location of the registration numbers on the AA bird as well. Also, a "707 Astrojet" logo appeared behind the aft loading doors, and a simple
"American" script was also located on the engine intake shrouds.

 comment by: Nasir posted on 08-04-2007, comment #4146

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