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Walkarounds of the Antonov AN-124 Ruslan.
Author: Walter Mertins
Submitted by: waltmertins   Date: 08-15-2005
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Antonov An-124

AN-124-01.JPG AN-124-02.JPG AN-124-03.JPG AN-124-05.JPG AN-124-04.JPG

AN-124-09.JPG AN-124-06.JPG AN-124-07.JPG AN-124-12.JPG AN-124-08.JPG

AN-124-16.JPG AN-124-10.JPG AN-124-11.JPG AN-124-15.JPG AN-124-14.JPG

AN-124-13.JPG AN-124-17.JPG AN-124-18.JPG AN-124-19.JPG AN-124-20.JPG

AN-124-21.JPG AN-124-22.JPG AN-124-23.JPG AN-124-24.JPG AN-124-25.JPG

AN-124-31.JPG AN-124-26.JPG AN-124-27.JPG AN-124-32.JPG AN-124-28.JPG

AN-124-29.JPG AN-124-30.JPG AN-124-36.JPG AN-124-35.JPG AN-124-34.JPG

AN-124-33.JPG AN-124-37.JPG AN-124-38.JPG AN-124-39.JPG AN-124-40.JPG

AN-124-41.JPG AN-124-42.JPG AN-124-43.JPG AN-124-48.JPG AN-124-44.JPG

AN-124-45.JPG AN-124-46.JPG AN-124-47.JPG AN-124-52.JPG AN-124-56.JPG

AN-124-49.JPG AN-124-50.JPG AN-124-51.JPG AN-124-60.JPG AN-124-64.JPG

AN-124-53.JPG AN-124-54.JPG AN-124-55.JPG AN-124-58.JPG AN-124-59.JPG

AN-124-57.JPG AN-124-63.JPG AN-124-68.JPG AN-124-66.JPG AN-124-65.JPG

AN-124-61.JPG AN-124-62.JPG AN-124-67.JPG AN-124-69.JPG AN-124-70.JPG

by Walter Mertins

Member Comments :

 comment by: logojet posted on 08-15-2005, comment #896

Awesome!! Almost as impressive as the An-22.


 comment by: Andrew posted on 01-07-2006, comment #1571

Well done Walter!

Just what we needed with the new Revell kit.

 comment by: Flyboy1994 posted on 07-12-2006, comment #2301

I have just bought an-124 model for myself and have finished building it.
It comes a set of different transfers and one of them is volger-depner.
This aircraft is photoed in volger-depner livery and has inspired me to choose volger-depner for the livery.
Nice photos man!

 comment by: lanac130 posted on 10-27-2006, comment #2769

Great shots Walter! I have an AN-124 model on order and seeing these photos reinforces why it's going to be a great project to work on.