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Up-close and detailed photos of the 747-400
Author: Lutz Gretschel
Submitted by:   Date: 05-08-2005
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Boeing 747-400 Walkarounds

by Lutz Gretschel
antenna fwd fuselage.jpg antennas mid fuselage.jpg APU doors.jpg cooler close-up.jpg cooler.jpg

eng no1 close-up.jpg eng no1 details.jpg eng no1 inboard.jpg eng no1 outboard.jpg eng no1 rear.jpg

eng no3 closeer.jpg eng no3 hot section.jpg eng no3 outboard.jpg eng no4.jpg frong gear close up looking aft.jpg

front gear from front.jpg front gear looking aft.jpg front gear right.jpg front wheel.jpg FWD belly cargo door.jpg

ground power supply.jpg L body gear looking aft.jpg L body gear strut.jpg L body gear well.jpg L wing flaps inboard.jpg

L wing flaps.jpg pitot and aoa sensors.jpg R body gear looking aft.jpg R body gear looking FWD.jpg R body gear well and strut.jpg

R body gear well.jpg R body gear wheel well.jpg R rear cargo door closed.jpg R rear cargo door close-up.jpg R wing bottom at no3 engine.jpg

R wing flaps off aircraft.jpg R wing flaps removed.jpg R wing flaps.jpg R wing fuselage joint behind gear.jpg R wing gear close-up.jpg

R wing gear door opening close-up.jpg R wing gear door opening.jpg R wing gear facing aft.jpg R wing gear facing fwd.jpg R wing gear from right.jpg

R wing gear inboard.jpg R wing gear outboard.jpg R wing gear wing well.jpg R wing outboard bottom.jpg R wing slats.jpg

R winglet inboard.jpg rear exhausts.jpg satcom antenna.jpg tail exhausts.jpg tail from bellow.jpg

UHF antenna.jpg VHF antenna.jpg water outlet.jpg

by Lutz Gretschel

Member Comments :

 comment by: airlinenut posted on 05-12-2005, comment #629

Thanks for sharing these great shots Lutz. I really like having a good closeup view of this amazing machine!

 comment by: gavpav posted on 05-22-2005, comment #638

Excellent photos. The flaps and wing shots should help out those out there who want to change the flap settings.
Well done!!!!

 comment by: Flyboy1994 posted on 07-12-2006, comment #2302

ace photos man!

 comment by: 747-400 posted on 01-02-2012, comment #14234

Thanks, wonderful detail, this will helf those people who got infected by advanced modeling syndrom

 comment by: 747-400 posted on 01-02-2012, comment #14235

I meant "help", not helf