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Andy White does a quick review.
Author: Andy White
Submitted by: Andy White   Date: 03-06-2005
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1000 Airlines in Color

Airlife Publishing by Gerry Manning

These days when so much information, and particularly photos for us modellers are available on the Internet, it is difficult not to believe that books are not as important as they used to be. Maybe so, but one book, 1000 Airlines in Colour, is one that I?m always taking of the shelf to browse through.

Published in 1998, it is exactly what the title says. All pages are filled with photos of airliners from the 60s up to the end of the 90s in alphabetical order. The last four pages are aircraft in special schemes. Each page has 7 or 8 pictures of varying size, which are although sometimes small, somehow do not detract from the quality of the book. What makes this boook so special, is that Manning is an aviation enthusiast and also knows what the modeller needs. Every picture has a short detailed caption with the date, location, serial number and a brief history. It makes for an absorbing read and the variety of schemes and aircraft types are particularly well chosen. Although even probably out of date when it was published, like a good wine, this book matures with age.

One-hundred-forty-four pages of just pictures of airliners ensures that this book is a worthy companion when getting comfortable on the sofa.

Highly recommended.

Andy White

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by Andy White

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