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      Post #57161, posted on 03-12-2015 GMT-5 hours    

      ______________________________BEST OF.........H & G MEDIUM BLUE_____________________________

      Our #1 BEST OF comes from Christian Volpati's 1971 photo of N7080 in Mexico. This 720 is wearing it's 4th and final re-paint, having previously been in Beige and Orange. This photo is one of the few H & G Medium Blues that needed no color adjustment. Both of the H & G Blues usually photographed darker than they actually were, due to the film tints. Mr. Volpati's photo appears to be of slide film which was more expensive but was much better at capturing the JB colors!

      Another 1971 photo shows N7286 and was taken at LGA by Bob Polaneczky. N7286 was originally a Sky Blue delivery and was one of the former PNA -162's. As Chris mentioned, by the final year of the Jellybeans, MB had become a very popular color and much more so than the H & G Dark Blue, confirming what Chris always said, the brighter colors usually did better.

      There were only (2) MB factory deliveries and N1803 is shown soon after it's arrival. From our Terry "Caravellarella's collection, Chris remembers the MB as a ' just a nice color' and another -62 would become an MB (N1804-PY) as the 'JB' era was coming to an end in 1971.

      Though the last of our BEST OF MB's is not up the the color quality of the others, we wanted to include it, as it's a RARE flightline close-up of the only 727 delivered in MB. Richard Silagi's 1967 photo shows N7280, the first of the new Harper & George colors to be worn on a new 727-27C. The 'JB' 727 paint jobs remained fairly consistent, the 1968 bare-meatal rudder was the only major change and ALL the 727-27(C)'s and -162's were delivered with the White rudder and Black outlined exits.
      Eric's 727 profile shows N7280 at the time of it's 1967 delivery. The last 727 to be delivered in an original 'JB' color was N7279 in February 1967 and N7280 was delivered in March. The contract with Harper & George was signed in January 1967, so it was less then (2) months before the new colors began being applied.
      __________________________________COMMON ERROR PHOTO________________________________

      Our COMMON ERROR photo comes from and shows how a nicely set up photo was still at the mercy of the film developer! N7099 (707-327C) was delivered as an H & G Dark Blue and is shown in a bad Medium Blue photo. The color has turned towards purple, though the background and the US flag look pretty accurate, so be careful when making your judgement on 'JB's! In the full size photo, there is a purple tint on the edge of the photo. Though the photo is not dated we know that it is a 1968+ due to the double-outlined exits. Only (1) -327C appears to have had the White engine paint removed during the 'JB' era.

      __________________________"THE ALLEGHENY JELLYBEANS-NOVEMBER 1971"________________________
      For BI fans, one of the enduring mysteries concerns the famous 'trade' with Allegheny Airlines in late 1971. Our "LS" Tech adviser has come up with the 4-pg CAB document that gives very interesting details on the deal which has a few surprises but the major finding is that the (2) 727-2B7's were not supposed to arrive at BI until AFTER the Allegeny-Mohawk meger in April 1972 which means they would have been 2-Tones!
      Another issue with this story is that there were no known photos of the (2) ex-Allegheny 727's until 1973, which by then, they were both in the new 2-Tone scheme! Seemingly just in time, former BI Pilot Terry Morgan's ebay store Song-Of-The-Sky, has given us a group photo and there is in it, one of the -2B7's though it's not a close-up but gives us a 95% view and Eric was able to make the most up to date profile of "The Last Jellybeans"!
      Most likely the deal began during the talks between Allegheny and Mohawk planned merger. Mohawk, since 1969 had been leasing (3) One-11's from Braniff and Allegheny felt having 3-jet A/C types would be too costly, so Allegheny and BI began to look at solution that would be beneficial to both.

      Since June 1970, Allegheny had been operating (2) 727-200's that were owned by GATX-Armco-Boothe. The A/C were used on a Boston-Philadelphia-Pittsburgh route. Reportedly each 727 "would start the day at the opposite end and crisscross each other during the day". Other than a September 1970 hijacking from Pittsburgh to Cuba, the 727-2B7's operated without much fanfare. According to CAB documents, Allegheny was paying $410,683 quarterly for the 727 leases for the next (12) years.
      The actual deal between Allegheny and Braniff was not a 'trade' at all but BI would sell (8) One-11's plus the (3) being leased to Mohawk and BI would re-paint and deliver the One-11's during 1972. BI would take over the (2) 727-200 leases from Allegheny and continue the same payments to GATX-Armco-Boothe.
      There was in interesting stipulation that if needed BI could sublease the (2) 727-200's BEFORE the April 1972 merger. The sublease from Allegheny was in fact taken up and this could be why the (2) A/C ended up as 'JB's some 2-months AFTER the 2-Tone scheme was introduced!
      GATX-Armco-Boothe was new in the A/C leasing business. There were (2) separate divisions, a U.S. and a European. Armco Steel was only involved in the U.S. division with General American Transportation Corporation and it's President was "Pod" Boothe, the former head of Greyhound Leasing. By 1969, GATX-Armco-Boothe had some (44) jetliners on order worth $320 million-about 1/2 each from Boeing and MDC.
      Unfortunately, the 1969-70 recession occurred as most of the A/C were being delivered and many of the leases were canceled. Not surprisingly, GATX was soon to disappear from the A/C market, selling off their new jetliners to the airlines or to other lessors and they would go back to their Rail car leasing business that they had begun in 1898.
      We had planned to present our best guess for how N404BN and N405BN looked when they arrived in November 1971 but just in time, Terry Morgan's poster would give us most of what we needed!

      BI records do show a single 'MB' entry, so that would mean a solid color NOT a 2-Tone but BI had 'officially' introduced the new 2-Tone scheme in September 1971 and had been repainting A/C into the new colors since July, so the next question is why are they both in "JB" H & G Medium Blue? Based on the CAB document, it appears that BI must have felt they needed the One-11 replacement capacity BEFORE the April 1972 date, even though in November 1971, BI had just purchased (4) 727-291's from Frontier Airlines and ALL were painted in 2-Tone.
      The most likely reason may be that BI wanted to get the 727-2B7's into service as quickly as possible and being that they were leases and the normal procedure was that the lesser did the re-painting. Being that BI was busy repainting their own fleet in the new scheme, it seems the the easiest and quickest solution was to have them done in the previous 'JB' scheme. One major question was the Allegheny Interior, whose galley was on the left-side while BI's was on the right.

      (Manfred Winter Photo)
      4-windows were plugged on Allegheny's L-side, so we can clearly see from the Terry Morgan poster that there is a window to the right of the galley door, so we know that it was delivered with a reconfigured interior.

      If BI had done this work, they would have clearly painted the A/C in the new scheme, so the next question is who did the work? We believe it was done by Boeing at their Wichita plant.

      Ben (President-Braniff Preservation Group) tells us that he has found work orders in the archives to Boeing-Wichita dated later in the 1970's and our "LS" adviser remembers that Boeing-Wichita was doing a lot of 727 contract work during the 1970's.
      The one unknown for these Allegheny "JB"s is the Black mask but we do have a clue in N306BN.

      We know that N306BN, the last of the ex-BWIA 727-78's, was re-painted around May-June 1971 and was in full 'JB' except the mask! Being that the 2-Allegheny's were painted in 'JB' colors 6-months later, one would expect the same treatment and we believe that is how both N404BN and N405BN appeared in late 1971.

      Most likely after the sublease ended in April 1972, is when these 2 A/C got their new Blue 2-Tones which probably is why there is only (1) known photo! Modelers now have a 4th 'JB' color for the 727-200. Would have been nice if BI had not painted BOTH in Medium Blue but I'm sure they were looking forward to their new 2-Tones.........

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      Post #65718, posted on 01-24-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      Electra N9704C was a well-known and oft-photographed Electra in Harper&George Dark Blue.

      Sister ship N9702C was also in blue, but less often photographed, and may be in Medium Blue (we need a professional opinion). The two following pics were taken while it was parked at Marana in the early 70s. The slides were auctioned off at a decent price and I have no idea how they originated, or from whom. The lighting and composition are not ideal, but they are a rare find.

      I'm not sure why this ship wasn't photographed more often. After all, the BN Electras of various hues (9703 PY, 9704 DB, 9706 OR, 9708 LG, 9709 R and 9710 OC) were indeed shot in the late 60s, as well as the briefly leased ex-CX Ayer bird in TQ. Possibly it was repainted too late in the Electra cycle (which itself was late in the game), or people looked at it and said, "Oh another blue Electra, so what", referring to N9704C.

      One is overexposed and shows a seriously faded airframe:

      The second one is better and suggests Medium Blue to me:

      No [img] !


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      Post #65723, posted on 01-24-2017 GMT-5 hours    

      The (2) H&G Blue's really drove us crazy! Could never verify but would make sense that they split them up!
      The Light Panagra Green L-188 was another that only showed up in color after it was WD......