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      Post #68118, posted on 09-11-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      Anybody used the Metallic Details PE stuff who can comment on it? My recent trip on a 777-232LR (the rarest 777 variant!) has me wanting to do one. Their stuff looks pretty good from what I can see.

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      Post #68119, posted on 09-11-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      They're much similar to every other PE manufacturer out there...Some sets are amazing, some are simply nice. I'd suggest finding a pic of a kit already built up with the DL 772 set (if you can find one...) and take it from there.

      My experience is that some of their sets, esp. in 1:144 are highly detailed but *very* finicky--in part due to the combination of detail and scale effects--and would be better suited to a 1:72 subject (which, of course, in a 772 would be freakin' huge, but definitely impressive!).

      Their Tu-154M and forthcoming VC-10 sets look amazing in promo pics. but as with all such things I often wonder if somewhere in central Europe there's someone who does nothing but fold, bend, roll, and solder PE for a living to make these sorts of things look good... ;)

      As always, IMO...

      Rob in AK

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