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      Post #67985, posted on 08-24-2017 GMT-5 hours    

      Do any of our decal/mask producers make properly sized 1:72 cabin window masks for the Boeing 707? I've found some that merely replicate the Heller portholes, which aren't correct. A TWA shop manual I have lists the 707-131 windows at nominally 9.5x13 inches, which in 1:72 isn't egregiously far off the now ubiquitious Boeing window glazing of 10x14. I'd love to find some that account for unpainted frames (or at least some clear/non-'3D' decals that give the frames only as well).

      This is for a project that will replace the Heller window line with clear plastic and masked/overpainted windows, so I'd like the proportions to be correct if at all possible, both for the clear areas as well as the frames.


      Rob in AK

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      Post #68014, posted on 08-26-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      I've got the vector art if you can get the stencils cut. I have a Silhouette Cameo, but it's not set up and I don't have any masking material to put in it.