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      Post #67775, posted on 07-30-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      For months I'd been considering whether to draw the decal and to build this jet. Well, it's the last jet of my 1/144 STARWARS fleet, how could I refuse to do it?

      OK. To start, I couldn't refuse to use Zvezda 77w kit because it is the most accurate one in shape to be found with transparent parts. A box of Doyusha 777-200 1/144 with engine kits for all 3 manufacturers is just a perfect "partner" that I could use only its PW engine kit and leave the rest for another build.

      Decal drawing is a nightmare. Firstly I tried to use Doyusha 777-200 kit for draft so I don't have to work on the Zvezda fuselage first but then found it had oversized diameter and incorrect window quantity in mid fuselage section so everything has to startover for once. Secondly the patterns of this fuselage are mostly "tube" covering type, around 7-10 times of adjustments must be made to make sure shapes and sizes were correct. Then it was sent to printshop, to be produced into a very very expensive silkscreen sheet.

      Final build has no bit difficulty. Doyusha engines can fit Zvezda wings pretty well, only a tiny amount of polishing to be done and small gaps to be filled.

      At last, I must say, it wasn't a very conscientious build because of time. Happy modelling!