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      Post #66483, posted on 03-17-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      I have gone totally mad and, alongside my beloved-but-unbuilt Hasegawas and Hellers, etc, am also selling stuff that folks would give their eye-teeth for. (True, I'm also selling stuff folks wouldn't give their eye-teeth for, at all. Still one man's meat is another man's poison, so...) Don't believe me? Just take a look:

      FROG F.140 1/144 Super VC10 BOAC Genuine FROG bought from a tobacconist's in Streatham in the 1970s. Interior lighting. Fair/good condition. EUR 100

      OKB-144 101 1/144 Tu-104 Aeroflot, USSR air forces. EUR 5
      SOLD! Rus Air 144RA06 1/144 Il-18 Aeroflot (1970s). Resin. Plus grubby Welsh Models CSA decal. EUR 10 SOLD!
      Rus Air 144RA11 1/144 Il-62M Domodedovo. Resin. EUR 15
      Rus Air 144RA11 1/144 Il-62M Domodedovo. Resin. EUR 15
      Rus Air 144RA09 1/144 Tu-134A Aeroflot (1970s, 2010s), UTAir. Resin. EUR 10
      SOLD! Welsh Models SL46A 1/144 Boeing 757 USAir RR engines. Resin, white metal, vacform. EUR 10 SOLD!
      Welsh Models SL12 1/144 Bristol Britannia 312 British Eagle. Vacform/white metal. EUR 5
      Welsh Models SL20 1/144 Douglas DC-4 SABENA. Vacform and white metal. EUR 5
      Welsh Models SL110 1/144 Douglas DC-7F KLM. Vacform and white metal. EUR 5
      SOLD! Welsh Models SL58A 1/144 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Swissair Asia. PW engines. Vacform/white metal. EUR 5 SOLD!
      Welsh Models LE31 1/144 Tu-154B Balkan. Resin, white metal and vacform. EUR 5
      Welsh Models SL38 1/144 Super VC10. East African. Vacform and white metal. EUR 5

      SOLD! Aeroclub P001 1/96 four Bristol Britannia white metal propellers for FROG/Eastern Express kit, EUR 2 SOLD

      Bra.z 1/144 BAe 146/RJ100 resin rudder, elevators for Revell kit. EUR 2
      F-RSIN 1/144 Ilyushin Il-86 intakes and fan discs. 3D printed!!! For Zvezda/Revell kit. EUR 2

      Minimum order EUR 10.

      Buy five kits at once, get 5 percent off. Buy ten kits at once, get 10 percent off. Buy 15 kits at once, get 15 percent off. Buy 20 kits at once, get 20 percent off. Buy all decals, get 15 percent off.

      Postage and packing are included.

      PayPal welcome. Please send me Private Messages!


      Just to add -- I shall open Private Messages once a day, at about this time. So, if you've written and not heard from me, please don't fret Oh, and it is all on a first-come-first-served basis; I am not making an auction of this).