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      Post #66476, posted on 03-17-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      Alongside my Hasegawas (see separate post), I am also selling my beloved 1/72, Heller and other odd-scale airliners (and a handful of bloodthirsty planes, plus the odd decal).

      Some of these kits are renowned as making odd-looking aficionado-only models. But others kick the proverbial a*se in terms of fidelity! The Airfix Jetstream (granted, without the fictional engines), Heller Concorde and Heller DC-9 are eye-opening. The ancient Revell short-bodied DC-9 remains about as good as any plastic DC-9 gets, despite its blank windows and odd bumps. The Skyvan's a cracker, if you are into fussy, strutted prop types...

      And, compared to ebay or secondhand kit shops, all prices are bargain ones!

      Here are the kits (a-hem... the "72", "130", etc., in the descriptions is the scale)...:

      Airfix 12004 72 Boeing E-3D AWACS RAF CFM and P&W engines. White box. EUR 100
      Airfix 12004 72 Boeing E-3D AWACS RAF. CFM and P&W engines. Blue box. EUR 100
      Airfix 03012-2 72 Handley Page Jetstream USAF. Bilingual English/Japanese. EUR 25 SOLD!
      Airfix A12050 72 BAe Nimrod RAF. EUR 80
      Airfix A02005A 72 Hawker Siddeley Hawk RAF Red Arrows. EUR 10
      Airfix 04018 72 Shorts Skyvan Olympic. EUR 15 SOLD!
      Heller 80463 72 Boeing 707-300B Air France, Lufthansa. EUR 100

      Revell 04304 72 Suchoi Su-34/S2FN Russian air forces. EUR 15
      Maquette 72 Sikorsky Ilya Muromets World War I Russian bomber. EUR 15

      Revell H-101 120 Douglas DC-9 KLM. EUR 10 SOLD!
      Revell H-246 120 Douglas DC-9 SAS. EUR 10 SOLD!

      Revell 4203 120 Douglas DC-9 SAS. EUR 10

      Revell 04242 122 Douglas DC-7C Pan American. EUR 5

      Heller 80445 125 BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde Air France. EUR 50
      Heller 462 125 Douglas DC-9 KLM. EUR 30 SOLD!
      Heller/Humbrol 80459 125 Boeing 747 Air France (1970s). P&W engines. EUR 20 SOLD!

      Glencoe 05502 126 Convair 880 TWA, Swissair. Repackaged Hawk kit. EUR 30 SOLD!

      Aurora 127 130 (?) Tupolev Tu-104 Aeroflot. Affordable collector's classic -- and good model! EUR 30

      DIWI 144 (?) Jakowlew Jak-40 Aeroflot. More of a curio. EUR 15

      Dubena 3296 230 (?) Sud-Aviation Caravelle Air France. More of a curio. EUR 15

      ...and here are the decals:

      Airfix 72 Hawker Siddeley Dominie RAF decal. EUR 2
      Airways Graphics AGA7-013 72 Sud-Aviation Caravelle SAS decal. EUR 10
      Heller 80447 125 Boeing 727-200 Alaska Airlines decal. EUR 2
      Heller 80460 125 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 Aeroméxico decal. EUR 2

      Postage and packing are, by necessity, my problem (hence the high decal prices)...

      Buy five or more kits in one go and get 5 percent off. Buy ten or more kits in one go and get 10 percent. Buy 15 or more kits in one go and get 15 percent. Buy all twenty kits (oh, please, please do it; why not treat yourself, for heaven's sake!!! Go oo-o--o-h-h-n-n-n..!), and get 20 percent.

      PayPal welcome.

      Please send me Private Messages. I shall update the list by editing this post.

      Happy shopping! Buy loads, and come back for more


      Just to add -- I shall open Private Messages once a day, at about this time. So, if you've written and not heard from me, please don't fret Oh, and it is all on a first-come-first-served basis; I am not making an auction of this).