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      Post #66472, posted on 03-16-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      Just received the new Tamiya 1/100 E175 today. Very, very nice! Molded in white plastic, with *very* highly polished molds. Reminds me of the old VEB stuff from the Cold War (only this appears accurate). The kit isn't super detailed, but it's on par with most modern airliner kits. There's a very basic cockpit, clear windscreen (cabin windows are molded solid, with decals provided). The flap track canoes are molded together on a 'rail' for lack of a better term, that slots down into a trough created when the lower wing is joined to the upper wing. Rather ingenious. Engines are simple, but effectively done. There is a separate part for the intake lip and throat, to which is added a fan/spinner piece. The hot section is a single part, with the small tail cone separate.

      Landing gear is nicely done, and will look great with some hydraulic and brake lines added. I know nothing about E170 wheel wells, so I can't comment on whether Tamiya took any short cuts or not. Note that the E family is like the 737 - the outer side of the outboard main wheel is exposed when retracted.

      The kit only (unfortunately) comes with the early style winglets. Newer airplanes, and I'm told older airplanes in service via retrofit, now have what's called an "enhanced wing tip" which depending how you look at it, is either a much larger winglet at less of an angle to the wing, or a much larger wing tip that's got more dihedral than the wing. I've already been in touch with Ivo Braghin about doing some of the later style for us in resin, so stay tuned.

      Having recently flown my first segment on a E175, and having been duly impressed (it reminded me of flying on a DC-9-15), I plan on building at least one of these babies. My friend who is a senior purser with Delta calls it "Barbie's Dream Jet"

      Decals are provided for several color variations of Fuji Dream Airlines in Japan. I have a strong suspicion that FJA contracted Tamiya to produce this kit for them, and that it doesn't necessarily portend a new range of 1/100 airliners from Tamiya-san. I hope I'm wrong - I'd love to see a bunch of new ones as nice as this!

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      Post #66480, posted on 03-17-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      Yes it is a nice basic kit, molding quality is beautiful as usual with Tamiya, and the decal sheets are truly splendid.

      I am just sad it appears even less detailed than Hasegawa's tiny 1/144 kit. Before the release of sprue pics, I was imaginating usual Tamiya über-detailing applied to an airliner kit, something new in 1/100 scale, but was a bit shocked when the first pics were released. In that sense (basic kit with IMHO no Tamiya "kick" to it), I fear it may just be a one-off, especially tooled on FDA's request. I hope not.

      Anyway it is still better than nothing. Now I am off to my E190-E2 photos, yes, a very different beast.

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