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      Post #66465, posted on 03-15-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      Nils Mathisrud's new book "The Stockholm Run" on the history of civilian air transport between the UK and Sweden during WWII is now available. Nils told me the print run has been sold out from the publisher, meaning it's still available retail, but once it's gone, it's gone. Future editions will only be electronic.

      The book is hefty - and covers the whole range of civilian aircraft that plied the dangerous routes between the UK and neutral Sweden. It covers the Scandinavian airlines (ABA of Sweden, etc) as well as the more widely known BOAC service. The array of aircraft types covered surprised me - everything from Ju52s to C-54s. Probably most well known are the BOAC Mosquitos, which are of course covered in depth. Nils kindly provided his research to us for our 1/32 BOAC Mosquito decals (which are still available).

      Definitely worth getting. There are some hair-raising anecdotes, as well as a lot of technical and operational information, maps, and a trove of incredible photographs. All that is supplemented by very nicely done color profile and plan views of most of the aircraft.

      Big thumbs up!

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      Post #66469, posted on 03-16-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      Another SAS-related book you might want to consider is:

      “Scandinavian Airlines System, aircraft fleet development 1946 – 2016” by Bengt-Olov Naes and two others.

      Three SAS employees who were involved from 1946 until recently in the development, evaluation, specifications and the acquisition process of all aircraft used by SAS for over 70 years relate stories about how it happened. Many yet untold episodes from the discussions and negotiations with major airframe and engine manufacturers reveal some interesting background on why some aircraft were selected by SAS and some others were not.
      The book was originally published in Swedish as the Swedish Aviation Historical Society 2014 Yearbook, and in 2015 it was awarded the aviation book of the year in Sweden. The English translation, now published, is aimed at the international aviation community.