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      Post #65369, posted on 12-31-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      Hi all,

      2016 has just about come to a close, at least for us here in the west coast of US of A. I think for many it was a bittersweet year, I know it was for me. Too many people unnecessarily dying in wars, again! New additions, but we also said goodbye to many relatives and friends, many whom went way before their time. Aviation mysteries and tragedies, yet again one of the safest years on record. A few new models and decals, as well as a few we can't wait to be released. Of course, lets not forget Brexit and the election here in the US!

      I look forward to 2017 with hope that things will get better or at least stabilize throughout the world, and those causing all this chaos come to their senses. I pray and wish for all that it be filled with good health and good times.

      Party hard but stay safe. Happy New Year everyone!

      ahmed |
      --o--o-( )-o--o--

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      Post #65373, posted on 01-01-2017 GMT-5 hours    
      Happy new year to everyone and especially to you Ahmed, thanks for your work on Airlinercafe. May our hobby give us enough distraction from the harsh cold world outside in 2017 as well.