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      Post #64757, posted on 10-27-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      Am I hallucinating, or was there once a thread on Braniff's first 727-227s that were delivered in JellyBean colors? I have tried searching the forums, and am not finding it... Was looking for photos of those airplanes, specifically the right side.

      Many thanks!

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      Post #64768, posted on 10-29-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      Check out the articles under the Civil Aviation forums titled "JB-era Memories".


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      Post #65325, posted on 12-28-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      JB-Memories #6 and #13 cover the (3) 'Jellybean' 727-227's and the (2) ex-Allegheny 727-2B7 that were painted in 'JB' colors but there is only (1) known photo of N404BN (none of N405BN) which we used to have our Eric create a profile of. What we don't know is how the nose was painted. Did it get a Black Mask and Black Radome? John