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      Post #64380, posted on 09-23-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      Hey Guys!
      i am sooo annoyed by bad masks, i could hardly find any affordable masks with good quality, so i started to produce my own.
      First i did some for the DACO737, but now i was working on some MD80 stuff, including a new clear resin windshield, since the minicraft cockpit is sooo horrible.
      Lets have a look, this is the one i did, only applied to a DC-8 (which would get a complete new design, since there are some small changes necessary).
      If anyone is interested, i could do more and sell them for a reasonable price.
      Please keep in mind, that this is a DC8 cockpit and not my MD80 replacement for the MD80 aaaaaand i just put on the frame to show the shape of it, which will be included just in case one needs it.