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      Post #64289, posted on 09-12-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      Anyone have some inside info on when the BPK 738 will make an appearance? (Yes, I know, as soon as I start to tart up a Welsh kit ;)) I'm about to send a large consignment of kits to a US collection buyer on terms of trade, and as they sell the BPK line if the -800 kit comes up I'd like to add that to my list for exchange...


      Rob in AK

      "Hey, 'cmon...You came all this way, you deserve the full tour!" --Spoken to me by an RV employee in PAPH 27 March, 1999 before my one and only jumpseat ride on an L-188 Electra.

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      Post #64291, posted on 09-13-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      Hi Rob,

      BPK said at her Facebook Page, they will make the 738, together with the new A319.

      They don't have an official release date.