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      Post #64289, posted on 09-12-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      Anyone have some inside info on when the BPK 738 will make an appearance? (Yes, I know, as soon as I start to tart up a Welsh kit ;)) I'm about to send a large consignment of kits to a US collection buyer on terms of trade, and as they sell the BPK line if the -800 kit comes up I'd like to add that to my list for exchange...


      Rob in AK

      "I apologize sincerely, but this is not information that can be given to Americans." --In response to a question about the differences between the Il-86 and -96.

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      Post #64291, posted on 09-13-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      Hi Rob,

      BPK said at her Facebook Page, they will make the 738, together with the new A319.

      They don't have an official release date.