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      Post #64098, posted on 08-23-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      As a result of the TransPacific Route Case that was (finally) settled in 1969, Pan Am was awarded a New York-Tokyo route via Fairbanks, Alaska. Prior to Pan Am's startup of JFK-FAI-HND service (Sept 1, 1969) Northwest had flown New York-Tokyo on a 1-stop basis via Anchorage, AK, both routings being the shortest distance between JFK-HND by a considerable margin over other routings offered at the time.

      According to my timetable research, after PA started JFK-FAI-HND, NW discontinued JFK-ANC-HND. Was that development a result of a TPRC 'trade-off'? The Case also awarded NW (for the first time) SFO/LAX-HNL-HND in direct competition with Pan Am (as well as giving PA/UA several new competitors on SFO/LAX-HNL). So...was part of the TPRC 'deal' awarding PA New York-Tokyo exclusive rights via the Great Circle in place of NW as a 'trade-off' for NW gaining SFO/LAX-HNL-HND and for the host of new West Coast-Hawaii competitors? (NW did continue to fly JFK-HND, with some flights routed through ANC albeit on a multi-stop, less direct basis...until several years later when both PA and NW as well as JAL were able to offer non-stop NYC-TYO service.)


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      I honestly don't know the answer to this, but I'm going to be at the AAM @ PANC over the weekend, and I'll see if any of the folks there might know. Barring that, I'm sure there will be something regarding the routes in question in the archives, which I'll see if I can get into without becoming lost

      And on a completely unrelated note, how's GFK these days? I had family in the greater Fargo/Moorhead area for most of the 20th century, and a lot of memories of arriving at Hector Field courtesy of Herman

      Rob in AK

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